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Original recipes of Idaho saddlemakers Ray Holes and his son Gerald Ray Holes.  Our family believes in small-batch manufacturing with the finest all-natural ingredients available.  We proudly source over 60% of our all-natural ingredient base within 200 miles of our operations in Butte, MT, and do not use synthetics or chemicals of any kind in our leather care products.  Our cowboy-tested leather treatments are easy to use and can safely apply with your bare hands.

Long-lasting cowboy-tested all-natural leather care products restore and protect your leather gear through foul weather and hard service:

CHAP WAX® & DRI-BOOT®  Waterproofing for those who rely on their leather gear in the most adverse weather conditions.

VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM®  Cleans, conditions, and protects the integrity of fine rawhide tack and leather. 

SADDLE BUTTER®  Made especially for leathers exposed to foul weather and hard service.  Saddle Butter repairs, restores, and protects both well-used and new leather gear.

Available in 14 countries worldwide.
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Ray Holes Leather Care Products