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14 oz. Saddle Butter®
Ray Holes Leather Care Products

14 oz. Saddle Butter®

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Made especially for leathers exposed to foul weather and hard service.  Use on Saddles, Boots, Chaps, Gun Scabbards, Luggage, Holsters, Bridles, and any leather parts for your horse and outdoor gear.

14 oz jars.  400 grams  ($1.08/ounce)

Instructions: Remove all sweat, gummed oil and dirt from the leather by washing with warm water and glycerine saddle soap. Have leather warm when applying. When leather is nearly dry, apply SADDLE BUTTER® and rub it in well with your hands. The warmth of your hands will help the tallow and waxes penetrate the pores of the leather. If preferred, warm SADDLE BUTTER® – with lid removed – in a pan of boiling water until soft, or microwave for 30 seconds.

Apply with woolskin, cloth, soft brush or hands. Apply several coats to all leather which comes into contact with horse to give extra protection from the salt and moisture of perspiration. On flower-stamped leathers, apply light coats and wipe off surplus with a clean cloth. Any accumulation in depressions of stamping should be removed at once with a dry soft brush.

Carnauba wax can leave a white residue if applied too thick or too cool. Remove excess with a soft brush and buff the carnauba wax into leather with a cloth or woolskin.

For over 80 years SADDLE BUTTER® has been unexcelled in protecting saddles and gear from leather’s three worst enemies: sun, wet weather and sweat. SADDLE BUTTER® contains a combination of ingredients including beeswax and Brazilian carnauba wax, tallow and PURE® neatsfoot oil. Each ingredient is a pure animal or plant product. Absolutely NO modern synthetics, mineral oils, or commonly-used leather-treating chemicals — which break down and slowly rot the natural fibers of fine leather goods— are used in the SADDLE BUTTER® dressing.



Three treatment to a pair of reins given to me by an old friend- they are now soft and perfect. - Susan

Good stuff - Wayne

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alicia Mann
Wonderful Product!

I acquired a 1987 western saddle, which had been stored for many years. It was very dry and squeaked like crazy!! No cracks.
A good saddle soap wash, pure neets foot oil where necessary, followed with Ray Holes, Saddle Butter, this saddle and its leather was absolutely transformed into beautiful working saddle once again! I KNOW, that with continued care and use of the Ray Holes Saddle Butter, will keep this saddle in great shape and condition for many years to come.
The fact that there are no petro-chemicals or other suspicious or synthetic ingredients to degrade the fine saddle leather, makes me very happy, and I feel so fortunate
that I discovered this amazing product.
(My saddle doesn’t squeak anymore!)
I will use no other conditioner for my saddle and tack, except Ray Holes Saddle Butter.
It’s such a great feeling to trust the products one uses for their leather investments. Thank you!!!

Margaret Hartman
Saddle butter

Love it!!

Susan C

Been using this product since the 1980s and have found nothing better.
Thanks for continuing to make it.

Jamie Jones

Great stuff

Alyssa Aubrey
Saddle Butter Heaven!

Thank you! This product is fantastic..I have ordered many times before and will be a customer for life.